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An Elke Link (named for Pete Elke WI6H) is a link that goes to sleep after a period of inactivity on the node's receiver input. While asleep any traffic from connected nodes is not transmitted. This is useful for:

  • Solar or other green nodes
  • Mobile nodes
  • Co-channel friendly nodes
  • Low duty cycle nodes

rpt.conf Selection

On "normal" nodes, this is available as an rpt.conf setting. The value is in furlong/firkin/fortnight (FFF) system units... a bit of Jim Dixon humor.




elke = 744  ;FFF system 744 = 15 minutes


This option is also available in the VOTER/RTCM, via hidden menu.

Menu 111 displays the current status of the hidden options:

Elkes (11780): 0, Glasers (1103): 0, Sawyer (1170): 0

Press The Any Key (Enter) To Continue

Elkes mode is enabled using menu option 11780.

Note: If you are enabling it on a VOTER/RTCM, you would not want to enable it in rpt.conf.