AllStar Link Standard Commands

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This section contains the suggested prefix digits, mandatory command codes, and suggested command codes for Allstar Link.

Prefix Digit Suggestions


*1Disconnect Link

*2Monitor Link

*3Connect Link

*4Command Mode


*6User Functions

*7Connection Status/Functions

*8User Functions

*9User Functions

*0User Functions

*AUser Functions

*BUser Functions

*CUser Functions

*DUser Functions

Mandatory Command Codes

These are the mandatory command codes which all Allstar Link nodes must support to provide command code consistency to the users. Command CodeDescription

*1nodeDisconnect Link

*2nodeConnect link in monitor mode

*3nodeConnect link in transcieve mode

*4nodeEnter command mode on a remote node

*70Local connection status

*99DTMF Phone Key (Assert PTT from Phone Portal)


  1. node is an Allstar Link node number
  2. Node number zero (0) is shorthand for the last node operated on by a previous command
  3. Monitor mode means listen to a node, but do not send any audio to it
  4. Command mode means send all received DTMF digits to the node number specified (bypassing the local command decoder). Send # to exit command mode, and restore local command decoding.

Optional Command Codes

Command CodeDescription *80Force System ID

*81Say System Time

*980Say app_rpt software version

*75Link Connect (Local Monitor Only)

*72Last active node (system-wide)

*73System-wide connection status

*71Disconnect all links (macro)

*74Reconnect all links (macro)