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Telemetry is a data message that is sent between nodes when connecting to or disconnecting from another node. Telemetry is silently sent to all other connected nodes through digital (out-of-band, non-audio) data over the VoIP connection. It is purely up to each local system to decide what to do with this information. It can announce it, ignore it or even change the message. The node owner/admin determines what is appropriate for their individual node.

There are configuration and mode options allowing all telemetry (both local and obtained from other nodes) to be:

  • Always announced
  • Never announced
  • Announced only when a function is locally executed and for short time thereafter

Note: These features document the operation of app_rpt.c version 0.186 or later.

There are 5 telemetry channels which can be individually managed:

  • Local Node - This node
  • Foreign Node - A connected node
  • Phone - Autopatch, phone portal
  • Echolink - Echolink connections
  • GUI - IAXrpt, SIP phone display, VoIP clients