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<p>But to my dismay, no one had done anything about this. What I hadn't
realized was that my vision was 100% right on, I just didnt know
that *'''I* ''' was going to be one that implemented it.</p>
<p>In order to prove my initial concept I dug out an old Mitel
MB89000C "ISDN Express Development" card (an ISA card that
it to show me how to format (well at least to be functional)
a minimal Linux driver. So, I ported the BSD driver over to
Linux (actually wasnt *'''that* ''' difficult, since most of the
general concepts are roughly the same). It didnt have
support for loadable kernel modules (heck what was that? in
kernel with it included). Since my whole entire experience
with Linux consisted of installation and writing a kernel
module, I *'''knew* ''' that it *'''had* ''' to be just wrong, wrong,
wrong, full of bad, obnoxious, things, faux pauses, and
things that would curl even a happy Penguin's nose hairs.</p>
doing this project? Have you ever thought of how incredibly
many things that he has to concern himself with, and that it
just *'''NEVER ENDS*'''! At this point, I believe that I have
worked with him on this project longer that just about
anyone, including some of his employees, and believe me, I
have a good vantage point to see at least some of the stuff
that he has to go through to accomplish this.</p>
<p>Personally, I would have *'''NEVER* ''' taken on such a task, being
that I am and was quite aware of the level of responsibility required
to do so.</p>
ASL, ASL-Corp, bureaucrat, administrator

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