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<p>My first big hurdle was to design a radio interface that cound interconnect with a PC internally and the typical interface signals of a two-way radio. In the interest of keeping the technology simple and inexpensive, I designed a board (the ARIB board) which interfaced 2 analog FXS ports (either on a multiport analog card, like the [ Digium] [ TDM400P], or a channel bank connected to the PC through a T1 card, that is already part of an existing phone switch) to the Radio signals (and provide buffering, level control, etc).</p>
<p><img src="/drupal/sites/default/files/pictures/analog-small.jpg" /><br />
[[File:AnalogRadioInterface.jpg|thumb|Rev. C. Analog Radio Interface Board]]
Rev. C. Analog Radio Interface Board</p>
<p>This interface <i>did</i> work well to allow me to do the initial development of the software, and first half a dozen deployments, since most of us that had it first already had <a href="">Asterisk</a> phone switches already in opertion, with spare ports on our channel banks.</p>
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