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Radio Connections

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* TKR720/820
Connections to: PTT, COS, RX audio out and MIC audio in
TX/RX board, MIC audio input, pins 4 & 5: floating ground, must not tie to any other ground! Some installations may require a 10dB, resistor L-network consisting of a 4.7k and 470 ohm resistors. The 470 ohm resistor connection across pins four and five, the 4.7k resistor is soldered to pin 5 to which your TX audio from the URI will connect to. The MIC audio gain, deviation, and balance adjustments are *very* sensitive!  - RA-35 without TX adj. trimmer pots: Using a service monitor with deviation metering, start low and work your way up to 3KHz deviation with 1KHz tone, generated by simpleusb-tune-menu. If enabled, *904 turns this tone on and off by command, ie, no tone time-out as in simpleusb-tune-menu. =Repeater ControlerController=
[[Media:RTCMwithController.pdf|An example of using RTCMs to replace 420 links]]

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