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Add example of how to change conf files for NNX.
Select the node you wish, click Continue and on the next screen confirm the action. Below shows node 25010 and 25011 have been changed back to 2501.
[[Image:Remove NNX node.png|none|alt=NNX node returned to INN|left|thumb]]
= NNX on your AllStar Node =
The existing node number must be changed by adding a zero. There are 3 files which require minor edits. These examples show xxxxx for your node number. In all examples you are simply adding a 0 to your existing node number.
== rpt.conf ==
The node number must be changes on two lines in rpt.conf
[xxxxx0] ; node stanza
rxchannel=DAHDI/pseudo ; Rx audio/signalling channel
; Note, if you are using automatic update for allstar link nodes,
; no allstar link nodes should be defined here. Only place a definition
; for your locak nodes, and private (off of allstar link) nodes here.
xxxxx0 = radio@,NONE
== extensions.conf ==
The change in this file can vary depending on the vintage/distro of your node. But typically you modify this one line:
NODE=xxxxx0 ; modify this line
exten => i,1,Hangup
exten => _XXXX!,n,rpt,${EXTEN}
== iax.conf ==
That's it! Now restart your node for the changes to take effect. Make sure you new node number is registered and can connect.

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