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== Considerations ==
* NNX nodes can be assigned to any of the user’s servers, assigned a password and otherwise modified as desired. * No changes to the AllStar registration system, the Stats Server or Allmon2 systems are required. * Any existing node number (aka Issued Node Number or INN) can be converted to an NNX. INN and NNX node numbers can run on the same server. NNX Nodes can be split across different servers. * Users that who desire more than ten sequential node numbers and have not already been assigned sequential node numbers, may opt to request new node numbers in sequential order. Two subsequent INNs may expand to 20 NNX numbers, or three to 30 NNX nodes, etc. All with little impact on node number resource. It’s conceivable that some users may opt to relinquish their non-sequential INN node numbers after converting, further easing any pressure on node number space.
The NNX portal code has been developed and is currently in alpha testing. A provision for releasing no longer used INN numbers has been included on the new portal page as has a provision to revert NNX nodes back to the original INN number.

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