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Recently we've moved some things off of this front page. If you don't see what you are looking for look at the [[:Category:How to|How To's]] or use search located on the top of every page. Also check our old docs site []. We're gradually moving content from there to this WiKi.
==AllStarLink Menu==
*[[Features]] - List of the many AllStarLink Features
*[[Beginners_Guide]] - Step by step instructions to create your account and AllStarLink node.
*[[ASL FAQ]] - Questions and answers about the AllStarLink software distribution.
*[[:Category:How to|How To's]] - A collection of AllStarLink how to's.
*[[:Category:Development|Development]] - Information regarding development of the AllStarLink software (i.e., contributing, etc).
*[[Radio Connections]] - Instructions to Connect Radios, Repeaters and Other Devices to AllStar.
*[[Troubleshooting]] - Troubleshooting common problems, things to try, and hints to solve the problem.

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