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ASLCorporate:Thru-hole Voter Board

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Im VERY sorry and embarassed to say so, but I wrote on in Java (yuch!). It seemed the most reasonable way to accomplish what was necessary. It simulates up to 10 channels of audio, and has "sliders" so that you have full control of "RSSI" and "TIME DELAY" for each channel, in addition to selecting which, if any channels are being sent to the host. You can Run It, if you desire.
I made a new UDP-based protocol for this technology, (called "VOTER"), which may be [[Media:Voter-protocol.pdf|Viewed Herehere]], if desired.
I have successfully written firmware for this device that fully implements the VOTER protocol, converts and encodes the audio stream from the receiver, processes squelch, determines signal strength, and interfaces and quite accurately synchronizes to the GPS receiver.
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