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I'm Bryan Fields, W9CR and have been an active ham since 1995.

I've been somewhat involved with Allstarlink since 2005 when I got some of the first PCI Radio cards from Jim Dixon and Steve Rodgers. Back then it was app_rpt and we started the first mailing list for it on our list server at

I was involved with the infrastructure/IT needs to keep ASL online and working prior to the board going crazy.

If you want more information on how the Board of directors have fucked everything up, please check out my pages here.

I enjoy developing interface circuits for surplus base station equipment, and have made some extensive works around the Motorola Quantar and Spectra Engineering MX800.

I'm also the only non-callsign user. I really should change this, but this was the first test account I made.

I was sad to hear of Jim Dixon's passing in late 2016, but I do know he would be happy ASL is living on.