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This page discusses some of the terminology used when configuring your AllStar Link node.

Common Terms

Below are some common terms and what they mean

Term Definition/Meaning
Stanza A section in the various AllStar Link/Asterisk configuration files that are defined using square brackets. (i.e., [general] is a stanza)
Server A computer system at a particular location. On it there may be one or more Nodes
Node A single radio system. There may be more then one Node on a particular Server but most of our users just have one Node attached. A Node may be set up in several different ways. It may be a full-duplex repeater system or several different varieties of simplex operations (a conventional-type transceiver), or a hub which has no radio hardware connected to it whatsoever.
Hub A Node in the AllStar Link network that does not have any radio hardware connected to it.