Structure of Config Files

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Configuration files have a simple structure consisting of two parts, the stanza and key/value pairs.

  1. A stanza is a section of the config file. It starts with a name (or number) surrounded by square brackets on a line by itself. A config file will have one or more stanza. Each stanza continues until the next stanza or end of file. Stanzas contain one or more ker/value pairs.
  2. Key/value pairs set various values such as the ID of the node.

Config file comments are preceded with a semicolon.

In this example of two nodes the stanza is the node number and the key/value pairs set the CW ID and the ID timer:

idrecording = |iW1ABC
idtime = 540000          ; 9 minutes

idrecording = |iW1XYZ
idtime = 540000 

Note: A stanza is also called a context in Asterisk PBX terminology, particularly related to the dialplan.