Radio Connections

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Updated stuff about Quantar
The Quantar can be tricky to interface as it's extremely programmable and you will need a wireline card for I/O connections. By default the I/O will not work unless the "wildcard" table is programed. This wildcard table is Boolean logic of interrupt states in the radio, is extremely flexible and frustrating to debug. It's a base station in it's own class.
* [[Media:QUANTAR-RTCM INTERFACE CABLE.pdf|Quantar/RTCM Interface Cable]]
Note you will want to use [[RTCM_Client#DSP.2FBEW_Firmware_Version|BEW mode]] on the RTCM if using the RTCM do squelch.
* [[Media:RTCM 2 Quantar.pdf|Another Quantar/RTCM Interface Cable]]
* [[Media:RTCM to Astro-TAC Cable.pdf|Astro-TAC / RTCM Interface Cable]]
* [ Interfacing to a Quantar with P25NX] - Bryan Fields W9CR has page on interfacing the Qunatar using simple USB into Allstar and P25NX linking at the same time. This is driven by programing on the Quantar Wildcard tables.