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== Requirements ==
Use of NNX node numbers is totally optional. The prior node request process still exists. Existing and new users may continue to request new node numbers as in the pastper current policy.
Users who opt to expand an existing node number will need to make configuration changes to their node. That is (using the example numbers above) all references to node xxxx will need to change to xxxx0. These files may include but are not limited to rpt.conf, extensions.conf, iax.conf and using Allmon2 or Subermon). Reconfiguring all occurrences of the existing node number is critical. Such an oversight may confuse users and put an extra support load on system admins, at least initially. The menus that are built into newer AllStar installs simplify this task greatly.
Adding NNX nodes xxxx1 thru xxxx9 is the same change that would be made when adding any additional node.