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<div style="float:right">__TOC__</div>== Welcome to the AllStarLink WIKI ==  <div style="clear:both; position:relative; box-sizing:border-box; width:100%; margin:1.2em 0 6px; min-width:47em; border:1px solid #ddd; background-color:#fff5fa; color:#000; white-space:nowrap;text-align:center;">AllStarLink is a world wide network of [ Amateur Radio] repeaters, remote base stations and hot spots accessible to each other via the Internet and/or private IP networks.
AllStarLink runs on a dedicated Linux computer (including the Raspberry Pi) that you host at your home, radio site, clubhouse, school, university, workplace, or computer center.
The core of AllStar and AllStarLink is the powerful app_rpt application and associated modules that load into the Asterisk PBX system.
<div style="float:right">__TOC__</div>
*[[The Organization - AllStarLink Inc. ]] - What is AllStarLink?