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* [ Source Code] - All of the source code for the AllStarLink Asterisk and app_rpt is available on GitHub.
=Helpful LinksAllStarLink Infrastructure=Most users will not need to know (or care) about the guts of AllStarLink backend servers. However, we wish to be fully open and transparent in all of the things we do. This technical documentation also serves to help our admins maintain the servers. Just to be clear, this section is not about the server running user's nodes, it's about the servers that form the AllStarLink network. * Overview of the [[AllStarLink Infrastructure]] servers* How we [[Backup]] the AllStarLink servers* [[Server Provisioning]]* [[Stats Server]] configuration
* [ Git - The Simple Guide] - A handy reference for getting started with and using Git.
* [[History]] from the Duuude, Jim Dixon WB6NIL SK 12/16/2016.