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Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat or IRC for short is a chat protocol that has been around since 1988[1].

It is still popular today via systems such as EFnet[2], DALnet[3], Freenode[4], etc.

IRC Clients

Freenode has a web based char client called Kiwi IRC

You can find a comprehensive list of IRC clients with a comparison of features here[5] .


When connecting to IRC your IP address is visible to everyone. In an effort to protect your privacy you can use a VPN, TOR, or a Bouncer to redirect and mask your IP.

Available IRC bouncers

Some available IRC bouncers include:

ircproxy -

jBouncer -

muh -

psyBNC -

shroudBNC -


External Links

  1. Internet Relay Chat [1]
  2. Eris Free Network (EFnet)[2]
  3. The DAL IRC Network [3]
  4. Freenode [4]
  5. Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients [5]