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IAXRPT is a specialized windows soft phone program which allows users to connect from their PC's to an Allstar node. Setting up IAXRPT access is similar to seting up dial-in access, but a different command line switch is used in extensions.conf, and user autheorization is done in iax.conf.


Setup file for IAXRPT - This was at Xeletec, but their servers are offline as of 2019-04-04.

Security Issues

Incoming IAXRPT connections need to be authorized by making sure the incoming IAX user stanza is protected with a secret. This is the case because incoming IAX calls are not checked against a nodes stanza.


First, a user stanza needs to added to iax.conf to allow incoming IAXRPT calls to be routed to a context in extensions.conf. A modified on the following stanza should be placed in iax.conf:

secret=nunya  ; *** Important! Change this!!!

Second, a context stanza is added to extensions.conf to transfer control to the Rpt application:

exten = 1234,1,Rpt,1234|X    ; Change 1234 to your node number

The X option passed to the Rpt application disables the normal security checks. Because incoming connections are validated in iax.conf, and we don't know where the user will be coming from in advance, the X option is required.