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Welcome to the AllStarLink Wiki. We're gradually moving content from to this new Wiki site. You do not need an account on this site to use it. However, if you would like to help us document AllStar then please do request an account using the link above. If you are looking to set up your first AllStarLink node you will want to request an account on our AllStarLink Portal. The AllStarLink Stats page shows all the existing public nodes. There is a better, but temporary development and not always up to date node list.


Questions and answers about the AllStarLink software distribution.

How To's

This is a collection of instructions on how to do various things related to your AllStarLink node.


The Radio Thin Client Module (RTCM) is commercially available hardware for interfacing radios to an AllStarLink computer.

RTCM Client

This section is about the RTCM hardware itself.

RTCM Channel Driver

This section is about the RTCM server software.

Getting started