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* [[History]] from the Duuude, Jim Dixon.
* [[History]] from the Duuude, Jim Dixon WB6NIL SK.
=WiKi Getting started=
=WiKi Getting started=

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Welcome to the AllStarLink Wiki. We're gradually moving content from docs.allstarlink.org to this new Wiki site.

AllStarLink Menu

  • DIAL FAQ - Questions and answers about the AllStarLink software distribution.
  • Features - List of AllStarLink Features
  • How To's - A collection of AllStarLink how to's.
  • Node Configuration - Detail configuration settings.
  • Radio Connections - Instructions to Connect Radios, Repeaters and Other Devices to AllStar.



The Radio Thin Client Module (RTCM) is commercially available hardware for interfacing radios to an AllStarLink computer.

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  • History from the Duuude, Jim Dixon WB6NIL SK.

WiKi Getting started