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Jim Dixon WB6NIL, the creator of AllStarLink

AllStarLink Client

Steve Zingman N4IRS

Tim Sawyer WD6AWP

Adam Paul KC1KCC

Jeremy Lincicome W0JRL

Nathan Hardman N8THN

AllStarLink Web

Tim Sawyer WD6AWP

Greg Thornwall KD3SU

Rob Vella KK9ROB

AllStarLink Infrastructure

Adam Paul KC1KCC

Rob Vella KK9ROB


Stacy Olivas KG7QIN

Bryan Fields W9CR


This site is mostly a cut and paste from the original Drupal site. That site and the majority of its articles were developed by Steve Rogers WA6ZFT. Of course Jim Dixon WB6NIL and others have contributed to the original site over time.

While the authorship of all the articles on this new Drupal site is mine (at this time) it should be noted that almost none of it actually is. The authorship got lost during the cut and paste operations. I apologize for this unfortunate side effect. File:ASL docs drupal to wiki.pdf