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Q: What does DIAL stand for?
A: Debian Installation for AllStar Link.
Q: How do I login to DIAL?
A: With earlier versions of DIAL you can login as user debian with a password of debian (normal user) or loging as root with a password of debian (super user). This has been deprecated. The current version has the root account blocked from direct login. You must login as user "repeater" and sudo root commands. Use the passwords you chose at install time.
Q: When using ACID I had (insert feature here) Now it's gone. When will DIAL support this feature?
A: DIAL supports all the same channel drivers, features and apps that ACID supported. Under DIAL, modules are not loaded by default. They must be enabled in /etc/asterisk/modules.conf. This is the single biggest configuration change from ACID.
Q: Will DIAL run as a hub / reflector?
A: YES, DIAL will run as a hub. To build a hub set rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo in rpt.conf and set noload => in modules.conf
Q: Do I need a monitor and keyboard to run DIAL?
A: No, DIAL can be managed via SSH on port 222. This can be changed in /etc/ssh/sshd.conf. X86 DIAL does require a monitor and keyboard to install. After that same as the ARM version.