Radioless Connections

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Using radioless software often requires setup of a stanza in your iax.conf. Follow the instructions in Setup/Download_IAXRpt before attempting to use one of these



Transceive allows amateur radio operators to connect to their AllStar node from anywhere in the world. Operators can administer linked nodes, monitor traffic, and transmit audio, all from the comfort of their Mac.

Download from <>



iaxRpt is a popular client for Windows, but no longer maintained. You may download an old version here:



DVSwitch Mobile

DVSwitch Mobile is an Android client that allows you connect to the AllStarLink network. It is available on Google at <> Support is at <>



Zoiper's free version is a way to connect via IAX to your node via macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. The setup is a bit confusing, but after some work you can almost use it comfortably. PTT functionality is a bit odd because you need to dial a DTMF tone every time you key and unkey.

[Zoiper Download]