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This is a page concerning the various servers and hosts which comprise the ASL network services


The ASL architecture is designed to be scalable across donated/purchased virtual machines. Any bare metal servers will be setup with a VM technology, ASL is agnostic to the chosen hypervisor. We are using a mixture of Cloud hosting providers to run AllStarLink.

At the core of ASL service is a distributed database, which is active-active across all nodes. Registration servers talk to this database along with the nodes list and DNS servers. These services are the core of ASL services; IAX2 registration, nodes list and DNS. All other services are nice to have, but don't affect the availability of the network for end users.

DNS is serviced for primary DNS with short TTL's on Should any one server go offline, it's pulled from the DNS and turns down after 30 seconds. For the remainder of ASL hosts, several secondary servers exist.


  • All servers should have a local use in the format of "jdoe" for the user.
  • Password auth should not be used, ssh should be setup.
  • Sudo should be used for admin access.

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