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AllStarLink, Inc


AllStarLink, Inc. was formed as a Florida non-profit with the goal of continuing Jim Dixon's vision of enhancing communications between amateurs around the world and to educate ham operators about current radio, VoIP and computer related technologies.

AllStarLink, Inc. is continuously improving the ASL organizational. In the time since Jim Dixon's passing we have not only made much progress on keeping the services running, but improving the availability of the ASL core services. On the organizational front we have incorporated as a 501(C)3 non-profit devoted to running the AllStar network and shepherding the development of app_rpt and asterisk for amateur radio. We obtained that status on Dec 13, 2018 enabling all donations to be tax-deductible, and to show good stewardship of our supporters funds.

Our team is focused on improving on the codebase and updating asterisk and app_rpt. Over the next year we intend to move to a more recent version of asterisk, if not the current version. This will enable much needed updates for security and new network protocols. We are always looking for skilled coders (mostly C for app_rpt) who can devote time and help out. The main codebase is on GitHub AllStarLink Repository and patches are always encouraged.

Board of Directors

AllStarLink, Inc Board
Chairman Emeritus Jim Dixon, WB6NIL (SK) Visionary, Open Source advocate and principal developer of app_rpt, aka AllStar.
Board Member Tim Sawyer, WD6AWP Tim is a repeater owner and the developer of Allmon.
President Pete Elke, WI6H Pete brings management skills to the board.
Vice President Kevin Custer, W3KKC Kevin is the founder of and is active with the WAN repeater system.
Secretary Todd Lesser, KM6RPT Todd was part of the development team on the Zapata Telephony project that created the AllStar technology.
Treasurer Dave Shaw, WB6WTM Dave has been a Director and Treasurer for NARCC (The Northern California Repeater Coordination Council).

Non-profit status

AllStarLink, Inc. is not for profit corporation registered in the US State of Florida. Florida Division of Corporations - Corporate Registration for AllStarLink, Inc. [1]

And has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS as a Non-Profit.


AllStarLink, Inc has applied for and been granted as a club the callsign of the late Jim Dixon, WB6NIL. FCC License Search - WB6NIL

Official Meeting Minutes

AllStarLink, Inc's meeting minutes are a matter of public record. As such they can be viewed under ASL Meeting Minutes


The following are public disclosures for AllStarLink, Inc:

Date Description File
12/13/2018 IRS Determination of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status Letter